Steve Paige – President

I first got into landscaping because I had to be outside. I received my Bachelors of Science Degree in Finance and worked at a bank. After awhile I decided that wearing a suit and tie was not for me and needed to get outside. I first started mowing lawns by myself or with 1-2 guys and then eventually founded in Rock Solid Landscapes in 2001 with the intention to build it into a full service landscape business. My focus has always been to surround myself with employees that can and will serve our clients landscaping needs. I love what our company does and can do for clients and look forward to what the future has to offer us and our clients.


John Herron – General Manager of Business Development and Design

My first foray into the landscape industry began in college when I worked for a golf course construction company for 3 years and began to learn the intricacies of the industry. After college I moved from Indiana to Colorado to spend more time in the mountains doing what I love. I spent a number of years as a marketing manager in corporate America before I found my true calling in the landscape industry. Previous to joining the RSL team I worked for a competitive company as the Landscape Construction Manager for 3 years. Today I am lucky enough to couple my years of field experience with my B.A. in Art and Design to work with the clients of Rock Solid Landscapes. I find that meeting with the client and providing them with advice, direction, and inspiration for their landscape is a truly rewarding process. My work allows me to interactive with interesting people, remain highly creative, and liberates me from the confines of a typical office.


Chris Bauer – General Manager of Operations and Finance

I got started in landscape by working with my aunt and uncle mowing lawns and repairing irrigation systems to pay for college in 1990. Since then I have worked in many aspects of the landscaping industry such as irrigation tech, irrigation manager, installation manager and now operations manager and designer. I have always had a passion for designing landscapes and when the opportunity came to me to be a designer, I jumped all over it. I have been with Rock Solid since 2004. My approach on designing landscapes is based soley on field experience and satisfying our customers. Nothing makes me more happy then to see the look on a satisfied customers face when we give them what they wanted. I am a Landscape Industry Certified Technician in Irrigation, a Landscape Industry Certified Manager and a Certified Irrigation Contractor.


Brian Bauer – Commercial Lawn Maintenance Account Manager

I first started in the landscape industry in 2004 with Rock Solid Landscapes. I initially was hired to trim bushes and trees and considered the job a filler job until I could find something that was in Environmental Sciences in which I have a degree in. I really started to enjoy the entire landscape industry and what it had to offer me so I decided that because I liked it so much, I would pursue a career in it. I moved up to being an irrigation tech and then went on to get my Certified Pesticide Applicator License for pesticides. Currently I am the Irrigation and Fertilizer Manager. I thoroughly enjoy what I am doing and love meeting and helping out our clients in all of their landscape needs.


Eric Acosta – Commercial Lawn Maintenance Account Manager

I started in the landscape field by mowing lawns. I eventually got hired at Rock Solid in 2004 as a mowing foreman and then worked my way up to the Lawn Maintenance Manager. I am currently a Landscape Industry Certified Technician in Turf Maintenance and Ornamental Maintenance. Satisfaction in my department comes from myself and my crews in letting people enjoy their landscape by holding myself and my crews to a higher standard of maintenance. I love it when I can drive by a property we maintain and see a well manicured landscape that I can put Rock Solid’s name on it.